Photo 1: Black and white headshot of middle-aged white man, Dr. Mario Gaudino.
“We’re clearly missing something here, and that means we need more data on women — data on the physiology of their coronary artery disease and how it tends to differ from men’s, and data on their responses to different treatments and surgical techniques.” Dr. Mario Gaudino,  Stephen and Suzanne Weiss Professor in Cardiothoracic Surgery, on his finding that women are more likely than men to die following coronary artery bypass surgery; Health Day,  March 8, 2023
Photo 2: Black and white headshot of middle-aged white man, Dr. Benjamin Samstein.
“I do believe it is within our grasp to make sure that nobody dies while waiting for an organ.” Dr. Benjamin Samstein,  chief of liver transplantation, on a prospective paired liver donation program; Medscape,  Jan. 30, 2023
Photo 3: Black and white headshot of middle-aged white man, Dr. Roy Gulick.
“Health departments and community advocates got the message out about mpox — how the disease presented, how it spread, how it could be treated and prevented, including vaccination. The sharp decrease in cases directly resulted from these efforts.” Dr. Roy Gulick,  chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases, on mpox; ABC News,  Feb. 2, 2023
Photo 4: Black and white headshot of middle-aged Latina woman, Dr. Susana Morales.
“I give a lot of credit to young people who don’t want to shove it under the rug anymore but name it and tell people it’s wrong to talk about patients in a racist or biased way.” Dr. Susana Morales,  associate professor of clinical medicine, on diversity in medicine; Medscape,  Jan. 30, 2023
Photo 5: Black and white headshot of young Black woman, Dr. Cheryl Mensah.
“I’m optimistic that this will be a game changer for these patients.” Dr. Cheryl Mensah,  assistant professor of medicine, on experimental gene therapies for sickle cell disease; WIRED,  March 15, 2023

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    Message from the Dean

    As Weill Cornell Medicine marks the 125th year since its founding, it is striking to reflect upon how our values have endured.
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    Window Into the Future

    An ambitious research program could hold clues to improving the health of women and their children across their lifespans.
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    Caught on Camera

    Recordings made in Dr. Simon Scheuring’s lab reveal how elusive molecules embedded in cell membranes get their jobs done — for good and ill.
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    Risks and Rewards

    Alumnus Dr. Anthony Fauci (M.D. ’66) joins Dr. Jay Varma in a candid conversation about the future of public health and more.
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    Two Landmark Anniversaries

    Weill Cornell Medicine is celebrating more than a century of excellence in medical education, scientific discovery and patient care, commemorating 125 years since its founding.
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    Honoring Diversity

    In a celebration of Weill Cornell Medicine’s commitment to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion in academic medicine, the institution honored nearly a dozen faculty, students and staff.
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    Weill Cornell Medicine faculty members are leading the conversation about important health issues across the country and around the world.
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    Notable faculty appointments, honors, awards and more — from around campus and beyond.
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    The Salzburg-Cornell Seminars, now part of the Open Medical Institute (OMI), celebrates 30 years of knowledge-sharing, having served more than 26,000 fellows from 130 countries.
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    There Is Hope

    How immunotherapy offered a new lease on life
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    Medical School, Minus the Debt

    Weill Cornell Medicine’s debt-reduction program.
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    News Briefs

    The latest on teaching, learning and patient-centered care.
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    Filling a Critical Gap in the Gut

    An important discovery positions fungi as a missing part of research on how the gut biome influences health.
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    New Clues to Coma Recovery

    Delays in regaining consciousness may serve a purpose: protecting the brain from oxygen deprivation.
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    Marking celebratory events in the lives of our students, including Match Day and Graduation.
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    Nurturing Well-Being

    How can the health-care workforce recover from pandemic burnout?
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    High-Risk, High-Reward

    Two enterprising scientists discuss how the ecosystem for innovation at Weill Cornell Medicine provides the support entrepreneurial faculty and students need to turn their promising research into commercially viable drugs and other treatments.
  • Muse

    In the Flow

    Dr. Navarro Millán is a rheumatologist, clinical investigator and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Spotlight

    Making Health Care Affordable and Equitable

    Dr. Cheryl Pegus (M.D. ’88) is a cardiologist working in health-care businesses on new products to meet consumer needs, enhance health equity and improve health outcomes.